Originally    from    Lund,    Swedish    Post-Rock act Junodef’s unique sound draws inspiration from the likes of Chelsea Wolfe and Warpaint, mixed with influences of Young Fathers and Massive Attack. They have previously worked with illustrators and visual artists to develop new perspectives to their music and are continuously working on projects focusing on the intersection between different art forms and how they influence each other. 

In 2018 Junodef set out on a mini tour and opened for the likes of Blonde Redhead, Emma Ruth Rundle, Say Sue Me etc. They have recently released new music through AWAL, exploring the boundaries between spoken word and art-rock.

They are currently working on live videos, which are all shot in different environments, to play with the visual aspects of their performance. 

In November 2017 Junodef raised funds through a Kickstarter campaign to record a Music Video for “Gold” - a music video that was shot and edited by women only.

“As women we know the importance of recognising each others work. We know that our space within the creative world is limited, and we know that it is up to us to make it bigger. We experience that in the music industry you actively have to search for women to cooperate with, or you are most likely to end up with a cis-male dominated team. That is why this project was run entirely by women. The music, script, and screenplay was written by women, and it was directed by, shot and edited by women.” - Junodef

The music video for Gold features Swedish Actress Amalia Holm Bjelke (as seen in Alena, The Hidden Child (Camilla Lackberg) and Playground (VICE) as well as various TV shows) and is directed by Olive Angelique and Karin Grönkvist.